Initial Application and Evaluation for Membership

There is an initial membership fee of $3,975.00 for those educational institutions which are approved for IACEA membership.

Each educational institution that scores 80% or higher on the initial evaluation, is granted Full Theological Accreditation immediately and such institutions can publish that they are IACEA accredited immediately after completion of IACEA membership. A formal IACEA acceptance document will be forwarded by e-mail to all approved institutions. The actual IACEA accreditation certificate is also awarded promptly by e-mail attachment once the approved membership payment has been received. The IACEA accreditation certificates with seal, signature, and logo are very professional in appearance and can be immediately printed on parchment paper for framing and display.

Membership Renewal & Fee Required Each January 1st

There is a renewal of IACEA accreditation and re-evaluation required on or before January 1st of each calendar year.

The renewal fee is just $259.00 Guidance will be provided by IACEA staff for the improvement of all member institutions and most institutions are able to show measured improvement in overall institutional quality through comparative performance on the January 1st IACEA evaluation document.

Steps Towards Your Membership

Step 1. Complete and electronically submit the Online Application and Evaluation Form provided.

Step 2. Receive your IACEA approval e-mail, after scoring an 80% minimum on the initial online evaluation submission, which is part of the application on this website. Those institutions which score below 80% must comply with suggested guidelines and a re-evaluation and examination process which will be provided by an IACEA board of examiners representative. No membership accreditation can be awarded without first meeting the 80% minimum educational and institutional standards requirement through the IACEA evaluation/survey.

Step 3. Submit the Initial IACEA membership fee of $3,975.00, upon notification of approval. Payment instructions and methods will be provided.

Step 4. Receive your official IACEA Full Theological Accreditation certificate by e-mail attachment. This is a quality document with a seal and signature and can be immediately printed on parchment paper and framed for display.

Step 5. IACEA renewal is required On January 1st of each calendar year. Submit the renewal evaluation form provided, and pay the $259.00 IACEA renewal fee on or before January 1st of each calendar year.

Evaluations Scores

A minimum score requirement of 80% is required to be awarded IACEA Full Theological Accreditation.

Institutions that score below 80% after a board of advisor's consultation and re-valuation opportunity, will be denied IACEA membership and accreditation and will be advised to re-apply when they are able to perform at the minimum educational and institutional standard of 80% as required by the IACEA Board of Advisors.

Annual evaluations are geared toward assisting institutions in achieving and maintaining a 90% or higher standard.

IACEA Accreditation Compliance Process

IACEA is an INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY ASSOCIATION fulfilling the need for a Christian alternative to secular accreditation, through a process of educational evaluation leading to theological accreditation.

Additional evaluations may be conducted whenever, in the board's judgment, there are reasonable concerns from the IACEA Administration to warrant requesting a more formal reaffirmation or additional documentation. However, If additional information or evaluations are required, there will be no additional payments or fees.

* In rare instances, a site visit may be required for institutions that require students to physically attend classes only. Site visits are not required for online educational programs. If a site visit is required, the applying institution is to cover the full cost of travel, food, and lodging. A probationary membership certification may be granted prior to the site visit. A legal affidavit supporting the safety and condition of the structure, Photographs, and Google Ariel view photos of the institutional site, may be considered in waiving a need for a site visit.

Termination of Membership and Refund Policy

If a member institution fails to comply with the required IACEA evaluation criteria, the board may terminate membership. Alternatively, if a member institution fails to meet some criteria but indicates its intent to work toward full compliance, such an institution may be placed on probationary status for a period of 90 days, to allow such an institution to demonstrate full compliance.

IACEA Membership may be terminated by IACEA or by the member institution, for a valid reason, at any time during the first 30 days of membership. Institutions that terminate membership for a valid reason within the first 30 days of membership are entitled to a full refund. There will be no refunds allowed beyond the first 30 days of IACEA membership.

All active and approved IACEA members are allowed to display their approved membership certificate or the IACEA LOGO signifying achievement of recognized higher standards in Christian education, on the ACCREDITATION page of their institution's website. Furthermore, such institutions can use, promote, advertise and place our Logo along with an IACEA-approved statement regarding the institution's membership in IACEA which denotes the fulfillment of higher standards of Christian educational and institutional excellence through IACEA.

All IACEA electronic accreditation certificates have a professional appearance with an electronic seal, logo, and signatures. The IACEA accreditation certificates should be printed on parchment stock paper and framed for display purposes. Institutions are also authorized to display a miniature copy of their IACEA accreditation award certificate on their institution's website. You may view an IACEA certificate by going to the IACEA BENEFITS page of this website.


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